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AES in modern architectures: Ported to Windows 8.1
ACCSEC supported OSes: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS x64, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x64, Windows 8.1 x64
Added by Grigore LUPESCU almost 3 years ago

AES in modern architectures: Over 1GB/sec in multiGPU configuration
CPU+iGPU+dGPU ~ 1164MB/sec AES ECB
Added by Grigore LUPESCU about 3 years ago

AES in modern architectures: First results AES-NI vs simple
Added by Grigore LUPESCU over 3 years ago

AES in modern architectures: AccSec repo
Initial code repo - accsec@gitorious https://gitorious.org/accsec
Added by Grigore LUPESCU about 4 years ago

MPS 2011-2012 Comun: Update Viewer
Update viewer : Modificat lucru cu socketi si rezolvat problema cu trimiterea hartii
Added by Alexandru-Daniel MIREA about 5 years ago

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    Evaluation Encryption Algorithms

  • Self-defending network (12/13/2012 05:32 pm)

    Build a self-defending network using open-source technology

  • AES in modern architectures (12/12/2012 07:41 pm)

    Accelerating encryption using modern x86 processors - AMD A4 4000/5400K, R7 250, Kaveri, Nvidia GTX 590

    [Phase 1 - OK] Analysis of modern hardware architectures. Chosen AMD Trinity as best candidate
    [Phase 2 - OK] Design AES algorithm with AES-NI acceleration. ECB implemented, base I/O options. Results (1)...

  • Exploits and cryptanalysis (12/04/2012 05:56 pm)

    Exploits and cryptanalysis

  • Minix ULT (11/30/2012 09:09 pm)

    Minix Userspace Thread Library